I really enjoy my role as a Marriage Celebrant. My commitment is make your wedding day a wonderful, special day that you will always remember.


I have a relaxed, flexible and easy-going style that helps couples prepare confidently for their special day. We work together to create a wedding ceremony that reflects your feelings, beliefs, and personalities. The ceremony we design together can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. I work along with you to create a memorable ceremony reflective of how you wish to declare your love for one another on your special day.


I can suggest poems and readings, as well as discuss with you the many rituals which are becoming popular in weddings today. Couples can have as much input into creating their wedding ceremonies as they wish. I encourage as much personalization as possible in your ceremony because, after all, this is Your Day. And whether you wish to be married in the afternoon on the beach, in a forest, a park or perhaps even at the family home, the location possibilities are endless.


Family and friends can also be involved; for instance, you may have certain readings or verses that you'd like them to read for you. Many couples arrange for music to be played at the ceremony. This could be taped music, a trio of musicians or even a harpist.


The words chosen for your wedding ceremony should highlight and communicate your personal values on love and relationships. The bottom line is it's your wedding, which is why we design a ceremony that is exclusively yours. That way, saying 'I do' on your wedding day will be a memorable experience that you will cherish forever.




A Renewal of Vows ceremony allows you to renew your original marriage vows and commitment to each other.


You may want to celebrate a special wedding anniversary, or have been through a difficult phase in your lives and want to commit to moving forward together.


Or perhaps you want to celebrate a wedding that was conducted elsewhere and now want to relive that experience with your family and friends.




You may not wish to have a registered marriage ceremony, but would like to publicly express your love and commitment to each other.


A Commitment Ceremony is very similar to a Wedding Ceremony, although it is not recognised as a legal marriage.




A Naming Ceremony is where the parents choose to formally introduce their child to their family and circle of friends, and announce the chosen names. The ceremony is shared with family and friends at a reasonably informal, yet important and delightful occasion, and can involve relatives and close friends of the family.

A Naming Ceremony is a very special occasion where you, as parents, formally announce and acknowledge the little one's name. It is a time when you may involve God, parents and guardians in the ceremony. At the same time, you may also choose to acknowledge the important part that grand and great-grandparents play in the lives of a small child in their developing years. 

A Naming Ceremony can take place at any time. Even adults who have not previously been officially named can be a part of such a lovely occasion. With babies, their first birthday is a popular time to hold such a ceremony. It can be held at any venue of your choice, often in locations where young couples were married, in the family home, or the homes of other family members. A Naming Ceremony is predominantly a non-religious celebration, although you can, of course, have family members or friends read Christian passages or other poems.

I can provide sample ceremonies to help you put this special occasion together. You can of course develop your own ceremony or include rituals or symbolism that you have seen elsewhere, and which you think is appropriate at this time.

Whatever you decide, it's your ceremony and I will do everything possible to ensure that it becomes a cherished and memorable event

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