The Simple Process:


First: An appointment time and date suitable for our meeting to discuss the details of your memorable day,


Second: At this meeting we complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form and


Third: We discuss the finer details of your wedding day. I’ll provide you with everything surrounding the actual ceremony you’ll need including sample wedding services, recommendations and tips to ensure your wedding is a perfect as possible.


Fourth: At your second interview approximately two weeks prior to the wedding we complete the No Legal Impediment To Marriage form, reconfirm details, make final payment and conduct a rehearsal.


Fifth: The Day. I’ll arrive well in advance to ensure everything is ready for the ceremony and then deliver a warm, professional and personable ceremony.


Sixth: You will receive the official Certificate of Marriage from Births, Deaths and Marriages via registered post in a few days if you wish me to order it for you. Alternatively, you can order it yourself at your own leisure anytime after the ceremony.


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